Friday 25 November 2016, Yea Show, Yea

Friday night saw us playing at the “grand opening” of the Yea Show, which was to run that weekend, but it turned out to be a rather strange event. We set up on the oval at the Yea Showground, along with another band  Sweet Honey, with whom we would be alternating. 

It was a very cool and windy evening, and around 6.30pm we started playing our first set, to a very small audience. Around 6.50pm, someone came over while we were playing and asked us to stop playing, because they wanted to start the cattle judging on the oval. We continued to finish the song we were playing, and the guy came over again to tell us to stop playing. So we stopped mid-song. They then proceeded to take 75 minutes to judge the cattle. No one had told us about this activity, and it turned out that it was supposed to happen in a nearby pavilion, but the cattle judging organiser had made a unilateral decision to hold it on the oval. A bit after 8.00pm, we started playing again to a small audience who were seated in the grandstand about 50 metres away. When darkness fell, we stopped playing because we could no longer see our music. At this point, Sweet Honey (who had been waiting all this time) started playing, and did so for the rest of the evening, while we made our way to a nearby pub for dinner and something to drink (we needed it).

Apparently, this was the first show run by the new organising committee, and communications were not all they needed to be. It did provide us with an “unforgettable” evening, but we hope they get things right for whoever plays there next year.

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