Saturday 23 April 2016, Jamieson Autumn Festival, Jamieson

As the cooler weather rolled around, it was time to head off to the Jamieson Autumn Festival. We had been asked to play here before, but couldn’t fit it into the schedule, but this year we were able to make it. So we headed a few hours north through Mansfield and eventually arrived at the beautiful little town of Jamieson, made even more special by the autumn colour in the trees.

The Festival has an historic feeling to it, with displays of all things rural, including a wide variety of means of transport, including vintage cars, a steam-powered bike and horse drawn carriages parading up and down the main street.

The musical venue was a large marquee located on the “village green” with a rural museum in the background and people just relaxing in the sun, chatting and having a bite to eat.

The band set up in the marquee and waited for other performers to finish their sets and it was our turn to play.

After finishing our first set, we invited audience members to join us for a workshop, and within 20 minutes had them playing a little reggae number.

Later in the afternoon, we played a second set and then adjourned to the local pub for a well-earned drink, before some headed for home, while others stayed overnight in Jamieson.

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