Saturday 25 February 2017, Calypso 60th Party, Ocean Grove

In early February, we were contacted by Swiss-American Joe Klingelhoffer who was in Australia and needing to borrow a steel pan to use for a calypso-style birthday party that he was planning for a friend in Ocean Grove. We invited him and his wife Karen up the Taggerty to meet the band and to practice on a couple of pans before deciding which one to borrow. The practice session went so well (with Rita on soprano, Joe on double-tenors, Tony on tchembe and Karen playing baritone for the first time) that Rita and Tony went to Ocean Grove on Friday 24th February to practice some more and then be part of a 6-piece combo (with local eBass player Tim and his daughter Elle on drums for the first time, plus Sue and Jody on vocals) who played on Saturday night at the Calypso-themed 60th birthday party for Chezza. It was a great night, as the following photos attest.

Accomplished musician Joe (many years as a trombone player in several symphony orchestras) showed great skill on the double tenors, as well as a special dress sense for the occasion.

Karen was playing baritone pans for the first time, and was an amazingly quick learner (and a great cook for the party). Pirate Tim played eBass, and showed how well an eBass could combine with the pans.

10 year old Elle was making her drumming debut, and did a great job. Calypso singers Sue and Jody were waiting to do their thing.

And when they got their chance, Jody and Sue, plus Karen, sung up a calypso storm to accompany the band.

Nearly every guest dressed up in Caribbean style, and showed that they know how to party hard. Thanks to Rossy (Chezza’s husband) for hosting the gig, and for wearing dose dreads with style.

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