Saturday 26 November 2016, 100-Year Birthday Party, Spiegel Tent, Collingwood

The second night of a busy weekend saw Rita heading down to Melbourne to play a solo gig at a party celebrating the combined 100-year (in total) birthday of good friends Phil and Belinda Harbutt. This was a special event because it was being held in the famous SpiegelTent, the same one that was at one time planned to be relocated to Marysville after the 2009 bushfires.

Rita played to a backing tape as guests arrived, and then played a short set using tracks from our upcoming CD (Stand by Me) as backing. Several people came up to me to ask how she could make so much music come out of one small pan, not realising that all the other sections (seconds, baritones and bass) were on a backing track. But it sure sounded good.

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