Saturday 28 - Sunday 29 April 2012 - Regional Living Expo, Jeff's Shed, Southbank, Melbourne

Pans on Fire played on Saturday and Sunday (April 28-29) at the Regional Victoria Living Expo at the Convention Centre (Jeff's Shed) in Melbourne. Bit of a hard house to play to, given that it was so big and open, and since most people were there to learn about Regional Living and not to listen to music. But we made it through a short set on both days. Some happy campers pictured below at the end of Saturday's set.

After our Sunday set at the Regional Living Expo, Rita was invited by Nicky Bomba to play with Bustamento (Lennox Jordan has played with them before, but he was a long way away on the Sunshine Coast). So, with very little notice, and only knowing the key, Rita was able to play with them and even break out with a pan solo.

During the Bustamento set, Nicky joined Rita on the pans (thanks, Caroline, for the loan of your pan) for a little improv solo. Considering that Rita had never played that song and Nicky had never played the pans, it all worked out pretty well. It's nice to see our mentor, Lennox, playing with Nicky in the Melbourne Ska Orchestra and Bustamento, and now seeing Rita get the opportunity to play with them.

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