Saturday 5 March 2016, Alexandra Picnic Races, Alexandra

For the third time in the past few years, Pans on Fire played at the Alexandra Picnic Races. This year, we were given a prime position up the front, near the winning post, the bar and the judges box, which was much better for interacting with the passing punters. Given the heat of the day, the nearby air-conditioned bar area was a welcome relief for the pan players between sets.

Given that this was the last event at Alexandra for the summer season, everyone, including the band, was frocked up for Fashions in the Field. However, we took pity on the other contestants and declined to enter into the competition itself.

The mens fashions were particularly impressive.

Given the recent amalgamation of the Pans on Fire and Hot Pans bands, everyone is learning new songs from the other band’s repertoire, so Doug was happy to give Ruth some help with one of the Pans on Fire numbers.

Clearly, our music struck a chord with attendees, and several joined in by dancing along to some of the tunes.

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