Saturday 8 October 2016, Bushfire Education Centre, Marysville

On Saturday 8 October, Pans on Fire played at the opening of the Bushfire Education Centre at Marysville. Given the birth of the band as a result of the 2009 Victorian Bushfires that decimated Marysville, this was an appropriate way to start the 2016-17 gig season. The brainchild of our constant supporter Barry Thomas, the Centre documents the nature of bushfires and their effect on Marysville, and is intended to be a major curriculum resource for students of various ages in the Victorian education system. The Centre contains a section devoted to the band, as an example of the resilience displayed by the community in the face of adversity, and an example of the good things that can arise from the ashes (“Out of the Fire, and into the Pans”).

Pans on Fire played in the Rotunda next to the Bushfire Education Centre, on the bank of the Steavenson River.

Here is a rare shot of the "bad boys" down the back of the band, often (thankfully) hidden from view.

The video below describes the purpose of the Centre, and also explains the role of the steelband in the recovery process. The background music is “Stand by Me”, the title of our 2nd CD, to be released soon. As a result of a suggestion made by Victorian Emergency Management Commisioner Craig Lapsley at 4:36 in the video below, the band is now one short in "bird shirts". But we couldn't think of a nicer way to help the Bushfire Education Centre. Thanks to Barry Thomas for his tireless work in bringing this vision to reality.

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