Sunday 11 March 2017, 70th Birthday Party, Cathkin

Today’s gig originated when Glenys (the 70th birthday girl) saw us playing at a local gig and decided that we were just what she wanted for her big birthday party on her property at Cathkin, near Alexandra. We nearly didn't get there when a road accident, and air ambulance chopper, blocked the road to the Panyard as we were going there to collect the pans. But we were only a little late, and then had a great time playing and running a workshop in a very lovely environment.

The deck behind the house was a great shady spot where we could set up and play, and then relax between sets. it also gave plenty of space for the hands-on workshop we held between sets.

The deck was just in front of the pool, which some band members took advantage of after we had finished playing.

Doug was trying hard to remember what it was like in the sixties (the decade, not the age group!)

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