Tuesday 28 March 2017, Point Lonsdale Probus Concert, Marysville

Tuesday saw us playing a late afternoon gig at Marysville Caravan Park for the Point Lonsdale Probus group, who were visiting Marysville for the week. A totally new musical experience for them, but they were soon up and dancing, and joining in the reggae workshop at the end of the gig. 

Rita began with a pep talk with the band before the gig, with the towering gums of Marysville as a backdrop.

As usual, we started with African Marketplace, which we were playing for the 1196th time (in gigs and rehearsals combined). We can but wonder where will we be when we play it for the 1200th time? 

After a reggae workshop with the group, a fast rendition of Brazil had the audience up on their feet to join the Conga Line (thanks to Bryan Sillett for the photography).

We clearly made an impression on the group. They stayed in town for a few more days, and we kept bumping into them in Marysville. On Thursday night as some of us were having dinner in the Duck Inn, they were also there and they were still raving about the steelband evening. We just hope that a bunch of oldies like us can help to inspire another bunch of oldies to do something they thought they couldn’t do.

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