Wednesday 9 March 2016, Rural Councils of Victoria, Marysville

Murrindindi Shire was playing host to a meeting of the Rural Councils of Victoria, and asked Pans on Fire to provide some musical entertainment for the evening dinner. So for the third time in five days, the PanBus trundled off to the venue (thank you Fallons Bus Company for fixing the gears!) and we proceeded to set up around 5.30pm at the Marysville Community Centre. We played our first set as guests arrived at the Centre and then stopped for a short meal break after the guests had gone inside. At this time, we realised that the threatening skies were sending a thunderstorm directly towards Marysville. So we closed up the tents with the side walls and hoped for the best. Luckily the storm missed the centre of Marysville by a few hundred metres, and so we escaped unscathed. However, the threatening skies and cooler temperatures (and perhaps the free sparkling wine) kept guests inside after the break, and so we played our second set to just a handful of intrepid audience members. As the night got darker and those using sheet music could no longer see their music, we reverted to some numbers that everyone knew by heart and as a result our last few numbers were faster and better than we’d ever played them before. Just goes to show that every cloud has a silver lining!

(Photo Credit: Anthony Giraud)

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