Hot Pans

Hot Pans was started as "the beginner's band" (even though all bands were beginners) in early 2011 under the guidance of Rita Seethaler. Some members of Pans on Fire (Jane, Lynne, Doug, Tony, Dylan) practice with Hot Pans each week to give them some assistance as they go through the initial learning process.

The Players


Robyn Fitzpatrick

Rosemary Fiske

Ann Barkla

Lesley Rundle

Jenny Pullen

Cassy Horton

Judy Ferguson

(Jane Fraga)

Double Seconds

Grace Ross

Helen Denmead

Vonnie Lievense

Marilyn Johnston

James Waterhouse


Margaret Lauricella

Anne Kantor

Ruth Waterhouse

(Lynne Walter)

(Doug Walter)


Wendy Watt

Rosemary Keast

David Harris

(Tony Richardson)


(Dylan Pike)

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