Pans on Fire v2.0

Pans on Fire was the first of the Triangle Community Steelbands to be formed in December 2009, in the immediate aftermath of the Black Saturday Bushfires. Under the directorship of Rita Seethaler, they have gone from not knowing what a steel pan was to having a growing repertoire. They have played over 150 gigs since their first public performance in March 2010, and are a popular attraction in the district and elsewhere.

Hot Pans was started as "the beginner's band" (even though all bands were beginners) in early 2011 under the guidance of Rita Seethaler. Some members of Pans on Fire (Jane, Lynne, Doug, Tony, Dylan) practiced with Hot Pans each week to give them some assistance as they went go through the initial learning process. They started playing gigs in 2012, and over time they played more joint gigs with Pans on Fire.

In 2015, Pans on Fire and Hot Pans merged, and now rehearse and perform under the name of Pans on Fire.

Current Players


Rita Seethaler (band director)

Lisa Nolte (vocals and winter director)

Jane Fraga

Lynne Sillett

Lesley Rundle

Double Seconds

Susan Alty

Glenys Ross

Grace Ross

Diane Metcalfe


Doug Walter

Sharen Donovan

Lachlan Fraser

Nora Spitzer


Tony Richardson

Ruth Worland


Gerry Laws

Lynne Walter

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