COVID-Era Videos

During COVID, our regular Monday night rehearsals were suspended.

But we kept busy by making, or participating in, several pan videos.

The first video was based on the title of our second CD, "Stand by Me", but with some additional vocals by Lisa related to the Covid experience, and a small homage to the Brady Bunch family

Soon after we completed this video, we saw a website dedicated to the fact that for many people experiencing Covid Lockdown, the only outing they had was to put their rubbish bins out each week. So why not make a party out of it and celebrate the event? So, "Stand by Me" become "Stand by your Bin"!

Our first two videos were confined to Pans on Fire players, but they went so well we thought we'd expand it to the wider PANZ community with our third video, in which we used the song that had been played as a Massed Band at all the steelband festivals held in Australia so far, starting in Marysville in 2013. So here's "Netty Netty", incorporating concert snippets from several Australian and New Zealand steelbands.

The idea of collaborative pan videos was catching on world-wide, so the next one that several of us played in was based on "1.5 Clinate Change" written by Lennox Jordan, featuring about 60 players from Australia, New Zealand, Trinidad and several other countries. The video was produced by Tish Viljoen from NZ, and clearly shows that the production standards of these videos is improving dramatically.

The scale of these videos was increasing dramatically and culminated, for us, with participation in the Pan in Unity virtual steelband featuring 691 musicians from 23 countries. This video was based on a medley of Imagine/One Love/Now is the Time, arranged by steelpan legend Len "Boogsie" Sharpe. Given that clips of all 691 musicians had to be squeezed into the 6 minutes of the medley, you have to be very quick to spot the Pans on Fire players hidden therein!