The Bands

Over the past 10 years, the Triangle Community Steelbands have consisted of seven different bands. The bands, in order of date of formation, are:

Pans on Fire (v1)

- the original band formed in December 2009

Hot Pans

- the second band formed in early 2011


- a band made up mainly of kids and their mums formed in 2011

Buxton Primary School

- a band formed at Buxton Primary in 2012

Pans on Fire (v2)

- a merger of Pans on Fire v1 with Hot Pans in 2015

Pans on Fire (v3)

- after an influx of new players in 2019

Alexandra Secondary School

- a band formed at Alexandra Secondary in 2016

Dindi Moon

- 7-piece band formed in late 2017

- for 2018 Tour of France